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Environmental protection material food packaging box selection guide: to meet the wave of global plastic ban


Globally, more and more regions are taking actions to limit or ban the use of traditional plastic products in order to reduce the impact of plastic pollution on the environment. The field of food packaging is no exception, and food packaging boxes made of environmentally friendly materials have become a topic of much concern. This article will introduce you to several choices of environmentally friendly material food packaging boxes to help you make more environmentally friendly decisions under the global wave of plastic bans.

  1. Polylactic acid (PLA) packing box:
    Polylactic acid is a biodegradable material usually made from renewable resources such as cornstarch. PLA packaging boxes can be degraded into water and carbon dioxide under appropriate conditions, and will not cause long-term pollution to the environment. They are suitable for light food and cold food etc.

2. Paper box:
Paper packaging boxes are traditionally an environmentally friendly choice and can be produced from renewable resources and, under the right conditions, can be recycled or recycled. They are suitable for dry foods such as bread, cakes, etc.

3. Edible packaging box:
Edible packaging boxes are usually made of edible materials, such as edible starch, algae, etc. These boxes can be digested by the human body, reducing the problem of packaging waste. They are suitable for all kinds of food.

4. Bamboo fiber packing box:
Bamboo fiber is a natural renewable material with excellent biodegradability and stability. The bamboo fiber packaging box has a unique texture in appearance and is suitable for a variety of foods.

5. Corn starch packaging box:
Similar to edible boxes, cornstarch boxes are usually made from edible cornstarch. They are somewhat biodegradable and suitable for some light foods.

How to choose a suitable environmentally friendly food packaging box?

  1. Applicable food: Different environmentally friendly packaging materials are suitable for different types of food. Make sure you choose the right box for your type of food.
  2. Environmental protection characteristics: Check the environmental protection characteristics of packaging materials, such as biodegradability, renewability, etc.
  3. Product performance: Consider the durability, sealing and fresh-keeping performance of the packaging box to ensure food safety.
  4. Supply Chain Sustainability: Select suppliers that employ sustainable supply chains and production processes.

in conclusion:
Under the wave of global plastic ban, choosing suitable food packaging boxes made of environmentally friendly materials is a positive environmental protection action. Different materials are suitable for different needs, you can make a wise choice according to food type, environmental characteristics and product performance, and contribute to the cause of environmental protection.