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What 10 benefits will the world bring to the world if the world chooses biodegradable disposables?

Choosing compostable disposables can bring many benefits to the world. Here are ten of the benefits:

1、Environmental protection: Degradable disposable products reduce the use and accumulation of plastics and other pollutants, help reduce pollution to soil, water, and the atmosphere, and protect the natural environment.

2、Resource-saving: Degradable disposables can be made from renewable materials, such as plant fibers and bioplastics, reducing dependence on limited resources and promoting sustainable development.

3、Reduced landfills: Biodegradable disposables break down in the natural environment, reducing the number of landfills, reducing waste disposal pressure, and the need for landfills.

4、Wildlife protection: Biodegradable disposables reduce the harm of plastic waste to wildlife, such as the risk of choking and internal organ problems caused by marine life eating plastic waste.

5、Soil health: After decomposing, degradable disposable products help to improve the quality of the soil and maintain its health, reducing the pollution and impact of plastic waste on the soil.

6、Climate change response: Degradable disposable products can reduce greenhouse gas emissions, especially compared to traditional plastic products, which produce fewer greenhouse gases during production and decomposition.

7、Health and Safety: Degradable disposables are generally safer and contain no harmful chemicals, reducing potential hazards to human health.

8、Awareness raising: The use of degradable disposable products can promote people’s awareness of environmental issues and stimulate the recognition of sustainable consumption and lifestyle.

9、Innovation promotion: The demand for degradable disposable products has promoted the innovation of sustainable materials and production technologies, and stimulated the development and application of new degradable materials.

10、International cooperation: A global choice for biodegradable disposables will foster international cooperation and push countries to work together to solve global environmental problems and form a more sustainable global society.

These benefits illustrate the multifaceted environmental, economic, and social impact of choosing biodegradable disposables, contributing to the achievement of sustainable development goals and creating a better living environment for future generations.